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October 24, 2009 / mish

popcorn paranoia

When our offer was accepted we started going through all the necessary steps one does to complete escrow. Our main priority was finding out if the popcorn ceilings had asbestos. Unfortunately, it was a huge deal breaker for us. I didn’t want the popcorn ceilings and M didn’t want to have them removed if they did have it, for health and cost reasons. So for us, getting an asbestos inspector into the place was a top priority. This whole part of the process became extremely nerve racking. In the midst of this, we were due to have our appraisal, which costs money, money we didn’t want to spend if the home was a no go for us. We had to find someone to come test our future home and turnaround the results within a couple days. Finding someone proved difficult, and trusting a random find from the internet was our only option. We didn’t know anybody who could recommend someone for this, and finding reviews online was either non-existent or unreliable. When we finally did find someone, he promised a 72 hour turnaround which would fit our deadline just right. His 72 hours turned into 4 1/2 DAYS. What?! We were dying. We postponed the appraisal as much as we could, but our escrow deadline was approaching. When we finally got our much anticipated phone call, we were in the clear. A huge sigh of relief. {If anyone is for some reason interested in who we used, email me and I will let you know who NOT to use. We were completely dissatisfied with this experience, but learned our lesson. Unfortunately, time was a constraint for us during this process, but in the future, we will always call around to multiple multiple people for references.}

Once we moved in, the popcorn became our number one. M spent days and nights scouring youtube and home renovation websites to teach himself how to get rid of the texture. In two days he scraped the first bedroom, and in another two days he scraped the second bedroom and small adjoining hallway. Unfortunately, I don’t have any action photos as he wouldn’t let me into the room while he was scraping. (Being the gentleman that he is, he only wanted to expose himself to the dust even though our test results came back negative.)

We also pulled up the carpet to expose the (in pretty good shape) oak hardwood floors. They are only in the front part of the house- the living room, and what will soon be the office and guest bedroom. The rest of the house is plywood or cement…that’s another upcoming project.


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