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October 26, 2009 / mish

hardwood heaven (and a nightmare)

When we purchased this place, we knew there were existing hardwood floors under the carpets in the front part of the house, so we were pretty antsy to get that stuff ripped up and out so we could take a peak at the condition of the flooring. To our delight, the floors were in pretty good condition. Nice solid oak flooring. Our only disappointment was that it didn’t continue down our long hallway to the kitchen and master like the real estate agent had told us. But, moving on. We pulled up the carpet and the disgusting underlayment, and painstakingly pulled up all the tiny staples with pliers that had been in the floor for who knows how long.

Now to go off topic slightly, there is a funny story to this part which was not so funny at the time and M probably still doesn’t find it funny- but I will tell it anyways. Imagine the stench of at least 20 year old carpet from people you never met. The dirt, dust and smell that comes from something like. We put it outside till we could decide what to do with it. I called up the city disposal department and they told me we could put it outside with our trash collection on Tuesday mornings, as long as I notified them through their online service, which I did. On Tuesday morning, I left for work to sunny skies. Around mid afternoon, it started to pour. And it poured hard- really, really hard. And to our very sore disappointment, the trash collection DID NOT pick up our gross carpet sitting in the middle of the road. Why? Well the woman from the city didn’t tell me that you have to cut it up into certain dimensions. She did not tell me that very important detail. And now, our carpet was sitting on our curb, soaked in water, 50 pounds heavier than it was when we dragged it out there. Poor M dragged it back to the side of our house and cut each piece into the proper sizes, soaking wet. He was pissed. I was sorry. The end. Kinda funny now- right?


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