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January 29, 2010 / mish

moving on up…to the guest bedroom.

We have finally been able to move our mattress into a bedroom, and hang our clothes into an actual closet. We are making some progress folks.

You are looking at the future guest bedroom, future- as in not right now because this is where we sleep. So if you visit – you can’t sleep here. Sorry, it’s ours. Someday soon though, you can sleep here. But not right now.

Here is what the room used to look like:

And here is what it looks like as of right now with our huge bed – (yes, you can be jealous, it’s amazing). It does take up the entire room, but who needs floor when you have bed?

What we did: Tore up carpet and got the existing hardwood floor refinished Patched up holes in the wall from random fixtures and outlets Painted walls with Behr “Silver Birch” Installed baseboards Scraped (asbestos-free) popcorn ceiling and painted ceiling white Replaced ceiling fan with light fixture Replaced light switch and outlets Painted built in cabinets and replaced handles Installed cedar flooring inside closet Painted door and replace door handle and hinges Installed new blinds for the window


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