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June 27, 2010 / mish

Guest Bathroom, a little UPGRADE

What we did:
painted walls and ceiling in “Toasted Almond” by Glidden (it actually looks like a very subtle light grey)
installed new pedestal sink to replace the old cabinet and plastic sink
installed new toilet to replace the old almond colored toilet
installed new faucet
installed new light fixture and new mirror
installed new surge protecting outlets and a double switch to control the light and fan separately
cleaned existing fan inside and out

We left the existing tiles and towel rack hardware and switched out everything else for a small upgrade to bring this bathroom a little bit more into 2010. The whole thing cost about $1000 and one full weekend of our time, and surprisingly the fancy faucet was the biggest expense. The light fixture was a score from the Pottery Barn Outlet, marked down to 15 bucks! And after a long search for a medicine cabinet- we finally decided on a simple hanging mirror, mainly because we couldn’t find a mirror cabinet that had the right dimensions to fit in between the light fixture and the new pedestal. Eventually we would like to add a small cabinet above the toilet, to add a little bit more storage space for guests. I already have my eye on hanging cabinet with a tempered glass door…

Most of the accessories (towels, soap pump, floor mat, and even the mirror) were Target finds.

In the end, the pedestal sink and smaller toilet give the appearance of much more space, since the old cabinet took up a lot of the floor space in that area. And the new color softens the room a little bit, bringing it out of it’s 80’s remodel. I think the color complements the almond tiles, and I somehow don’t mind the tile color so much, even though it wouldn’t be my first choice if we had been starting from scratch.

And on a final note, the toilet is an upgrade to a Toto Max- and yes, it flushes like a dream.



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