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August 8, 2010 / mish

gettin’ jiggy with it. with the jigsaw that is.

We couldn’t find outdoor furniture that we could agree upon, or that was affordable…so with a handy boy in the house- he built it!

We based the idea on this West Elm version:

Unfortunately, West Elm doesn’t sell the cushions separately. But after some searching all over the net, we found some perfectly sized cushions at IKEA, the Karlstad. The price wasn’t that nice since we had to get eleven of them, but we figured since we were building the sectional, we could splurge a little bit on the cushions.

Each seat is a separate piece so they can be moved around to different configurations. At first we bought a semi-transparent stain for the wood, but after testing a section- it just didn’t look right. So I drove back to Lowe’s to pick up a solid color stain by Olympic Maximum in “Coffee”.

And while I was at IKEA for the cushions, and because you can’t go to that store and only buy what you came for…I picked up up these matching grey pots. And obviously planted succulents into them, because we all know that I am obsessed.

The plans for the sectional were based on some plans from the amazing Anna at Knock Off Wood.
M made some changes here and there, but the basic plans are here:


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