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August 19, 2010 / mish

come stay awhile.

Since we have finally made it into the Master Bedroom, the Guest Bedroom has become, well, the Guest Bedroom! It was the second room we renovated in the house and it has seen some changes since October when we moved in.

After covering up all the patches in the walls – the room got a nice paint job with Glidden “Silver Birch”. We added new baseboards, M removed the popcorn ceiling, we removed the carpet and all the little staples that come with it. We actually had to hire someone to refinish the existing oak hardwood floors (more stories on that later, yes we tried to do that ourselves as well- big FAIL). The curtains came down, and the new top down/bottom up shades went in.

We also painstakingly painted the built in closet in semi-gloss white paint. Note: when we started our projects we were using Behr paint. That quickly proved to be a MISTAKE. The Behr paint chips very easily, and is already showing peeling in some spots – which is very very frustrating. Since we have realized this, we only have used Glidden paints, which have proven to be much more successful in the long run. They leave a nicer finish, and don’t allow items to stick to them when left over long periods of time (for example inside a linen closet). I tore up a whole patch of paint by leaving a blanket in one of the plastic storage boxes. Ouch.

The new light fixture : A lot of people ask me about those fixtures, it’s actually the first thing people ask when we give them our little house tour. So I think it deserves some mention. That beautiful specimen of a light fixture is from West Elm. And yes, it takes energy efficient bulbs. The photo on the website houses a nice clear glass style bulb, but unfortunately, M doesn’t allow such non-energy efficient items in our home. And even though I covet the look of the clear glass, I know he is right. So I don’t push that one.

The room still needs some decoration love, but as with everything else – it’s still a work in progress.

Come visit, just a warning though – if you couldn’t tell from the disguise of the photo, the bed is still an air mattress.
It has yet to be upgraded….


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