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August 20, 2010 / mish

wannabe landscape artist

Last night I got home a little early from work to find M sweating away in our front yard with every single garden tool we own – spread out on our front lawn. We have been planning out our attack of the front yard for a while now, but I didn’t think it would be happening so soon. Seeing as how the rest of our costly projects are being put on hold right now, lots of little projects are being taken care of. And there are a lot of little projects. They just keep popping up out of nowhere. Constantly.
We spotted these foxtails on sale at Home Depot for $3.33 a pop last week, and decided that those would suit us just fine. So with the yard prepped and ready for the new plants, we went over to HD last night and picked up 6 pots of purple fountain grass and 2 new zealand flax’s, plus three bags of Kellogg Amend soil and 3 bags of Scotts Nature Scapes Brown Bark Mulch.

Here’s a little secret. Our neighbor has excellent grass and excellent plants. We could tell he obviously knew what he was doing, and he has many bags of Kellogg Amend laying in his backyard. (okay so maybe we peaked, but that was only during the process of tearing down the jacuzzi, so it’s not like we got a ladder to look at his yard). Anyways, Amend is your new best friend when it comes to breaking up clay soil like we have. And we have a lot of it. You could basically mold a small clay animal out of it if you wanted, or even an army of clay animals, because that is how much clay we have. After M’s parents visited in April, they helped us cover our backyard with Amend. And even the very next day we could feel the difference in the soil. You could actually dig a hole into the ground without pulling a muscle.

So there you have it. We dug three holes and in went the new plants and there it is. The photos don’t really do it justice, but we think it looks like an improvement. Especially with the bark mulch, it creates a nice line between the grass and the plants, and hopefully will help prevent weeds that love to grow in that area. The plants look pretty small right now, but we hope that in a few months they will start to fill up the space.

And if you were reading this at all, you might notice we bought 6 pots of purple fountain grass. So we have 3 left over to plant on the rampant forest that is the right side of the house- that we have yet to attack. Maybe this weekend…


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