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August 23, 2010 / mish

hot tub horrors

I never fully showed the progress of what was the jacuzzi area and how it came to be the outdoor sectional area that it currently is. It actually went through three different stages to the point it is right now. There was a lot of indecision involved and unfortunately some money lost during the whole process. Another lesson learned. Boo.
In the beginning, the prospect of a hot tub seemed kind of appealing. We had dreams of re-sanding and staining the wood to make it look like new. We tore down the surrounding tiki wood structure, drained the tub, and cleaned the interior with rubbing alcohol (as recommended by our local hot tub reseller). The paperwork for our tub showed a receipt of purchase from 1980. 1980! The hot tub was as old as the both of us! And it still worked. Amazing. So we thought we could use it till it kicked the bucket.

M researched hot tub chemicals and ordered the appropriate items through Amazon, all sorts of stuff involving proper PH Levels and what not. He’s good like that. And shortly after, the tub was good to go, for a solid week. One week. And then it sprung a leak. And it no longer worked.

But we didn’t stop there. For some reason, we thought for sure that we were not wasting money by trying to fix the darn thing. And so the saga continued, and M fixed the leak. From there he removed all the rotting wood and cleverly used bead board to re-do the hot tub exterior. It looked pretty impressive too. We even cleaned the tiles in each corner of the tub that created a mosaic. You can’t see it on photos, but they were a nice touch. But then of course, me being a neurotic freak, decided the color we painted the entire thing was too orange. I didn’t like it and it bugged me. And I just can’t let things like that go, because they will just always bug me and I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. And M knows this about me, so he didn’t get too mad when I said I had to drive back to Lowes to pick out new paint. But between the time I drove to Lowes to grab the new color and came home, another leak had sprouted from an unknown location and that was the nail that hit us on the head. Forget it. We were done. Someone take it away – please, please take it away.

And now looking back on the whole thing, the hot tub just kinda grosses me out and I don’t know why we ever thought it was remotely a good idea.

The end of the hot tub horrors.


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  1. jim / Sep 10 2010 12:46 pm

    this is awesome man

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