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August 25, 2010 / mish

goodbye rumpus room. see you in six months.

The reason M and I work well together is that all he can think about is renovations, and all I can think about is decorations. And sometimes, vice versa. Hand in hand, the fact that we are both obsessive individually works well as a combination.

So Sunday morning when we woke, the plan was to tackle the forest of weeds on the right side of the house. But M was not in the mood to dig through solid soil in 80 degree weather. And honestly, neither was I. So we walked around the house, milled about, talked about maybe going to Home Depot, sat down, stood up. And then M subtlety (and surprisingly) suggested that maybe it would be a good idea to move all the furniture in the den, to the front living room.


Now we had talked about this before. The den was a huge project. M was done doing all manual labor himself. He had even called a few contractors last week to get some quotes. So for him to suggest moving everything, meant he had ants in his construction pants again. He was itching to knock something down, paint something, buy a new tool. And I secretly knew this time would come again, and I was ready. YES, yes let’s move everything out of this room and see what happens.

Goodbye Rumpus Room, see you in six months when you are freshly painted with new flooring and smooth ceilings. Goodbye and see you soon.


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