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September 7, 2010 / mish

jacking up the drywall jack

After ripping out the dropped ceiling above the old wet bar, taking out the built in closet, and removing the wood paneling…this is the amount of trash we created. The first step in a long process of renovating the den…

Sorry for the bad picture, it was taken through the sliding glass door. The left side is where the dropped ceiling used to be, and the right side is where the closet used to be.

While I was away for a weekend, M of course ran over to our best friend’s at the Home Depot in the tool rental department. He rented this monster for part of the day. The drywall jack (which I didn’t even know existed) helped him raise the drywall to the ceiling so he could install it into the space with only two hands. Pretty clever.

Unfortunately, there was some remnants of an old termite problem behind the closet paneling, so the drywall on that side had to be removed and replaced as well. But, of course knowing M- it was all done within one weekend while I was gone. The room is taking shape once again!


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  1. Phil / Sep 7 2010 10:55 pm

    Wow – a lot of work, best luck doing it!

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