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September 28, 2010 / mish

More Jute!

We have been on the hunt for a runner for the hallway and had whittled it down to a few options from West Elm.

These were our top two contenders:

I drove to the store in Santa Monica to take a closer look, and of course the first person I asked said they don’t carry the runners in the store.

Of course you don’t….

But then this lovely employee overheard me and said they had a few options in the back. He proceeded to bring out six different rugs in plastic packaging and to my excitement – one of them was the braided jute rug. The idea of having to order the zig zag rug online somewhat sealed the deal for the purchase of the jute rug, and even though the zig zag rug is so much fun, I think the jute goes better with the rest of our space. Especially since we already have a jute rug in the office…and in the laundry room. No, I guess I do not dare to be different.

Maybe someday when I win a lot of money, I will get a 9×12 zig zag rug for some other room in the house.

But for now, may I present the newest addition to the hallway.

Not the most exciting post, but jute makes me happy.



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  1. ainhoavega / Sep 28 2010 10:15 am

    I love jute as well! We have a light jute rug in the bedroom and in the hall. It cleans up so nicely!

  2. Eric @ flavorspaces / Sep 29 2010 7:16 am

    I like the jute rug Mish. I like the pattern to the zigzag rug, but I think this one goes better with the space like you said. Why mess with success when jute does such a great job for you!?

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