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October 8, 2010 / mish

Rumpus Room continued…

We were quite productive last weekend and I meant to post this earlier, but work has been super busy….

We started our Saturday out by heading to a couple carpet stores that we had found recommendations for. Yes, I said CARPET.
(I will preface this by saying that we really, really wanted wide plank, handscraped, hardwood floors that we had already picked out from Bruce Armstrong). For reasons that are too exhausting to explain, all I can say is that we hit a road block that had to do with cracks in the slab floor. M did his very best to remedy the situation with leveling compound, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t mean to be.
But before you grimace at the thought of carpet…take a look at THIS inspiration. Seagrass carpet was always in my mind as the “just in case we can’t make the hardwood floors work” backup plan. And after looking online at various websites, we are actually pretty excited about this development. A rumpus room is meant to be cozy right?
Here is the seagrass that we ordered:

It has excellent durability, it’s fairly inexpensive, eco-friendly, and water resistant.

Since carpet is the very last thing you install in a room, we had to take care of our sliding door. We had been researching the options for a while and agreed on a four panel sliding glass door. The two outer doors are stationary, and the two doors in the middle slide to the left and right. After going to both Lowe’s and HD, we had an amazing experience with a saleswoman at Lowe’s, who seemed to know everything and anything about doors. She even called her rep. to do a price match for us for the more expensive door. We went with a four panel, retrofitted door in white, with bronze handles by Milgard.

Here is an image I pulled that is similar to what our door will look like. Except ours will be white.

And while at Lowe’s, we also picked up 2 gallons of ‘Stratus’ by Valspar.

The door will be delivered next weekend and we have a “door guy” that was recommended through a friend that is available at the end of the month. After that, the seagrass will go in, and then the baseboards.

And then we can start dreaming of furniture…oh wait, I have been doing that for months.



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  1. Phil / Oct 8 2010 1:07 pm

    Wow, looks overwhelming, I mean, awesome! Good luck!


  2. Lauren / Oct 14 2010 6:30 pm

    You know that episode of Friends where Monica & Chandler go on honeymoon & there’s that couple 5 minutes ahead of them at every step? Yea… the similarities eerily continue.

    Will be coming for door tips – soon! Love the pics and my condolences about the hardwood.

    • mish / Oct 17 2010 8:58 pm

      hahaha, I absolutely know what you are talking about. Oh, how I miss that show. If only we lived closer, we could share tools since we are doing the same projects anyways!

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