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October 24, 2010 / mish

Door Installation…but not the door you are thinking!

A break from our regularly scheduled rumpus room postings….this is a story about determination.

We have had two brand new interior doors sitting in our hallway for about four months now. One is to replace the slab door going into the master bedroom, and the other is to replace the door leading into the master bath.

When I got home from work, M was eager to show me that he had installed both doors that day.

“Wow it looks great! Um..are you sure it goes on that way?”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“ think it might be…well it looks like that space above the rectangles should be the other way around?…no?”


Off came the door. And I had unintentionally ruined the excitement.

And then there were mutterings about what an amateur mistake he had made.

But on the bright side, it meant I could take photos of the process…*warning, lots of progress shots. If you just want to see what I am rambling about, scroll to the very bottom to see the end result.

M had been raving to me about what a cool tool this Ryobi Router Kit was, and now I could actually see it in action. After measuring where the hinges would go with the Ryobi Door Hinge Template, the router cut out little rectangles for the hinges.

Since the router makes rounded edges, he used a chisel to create a more rectangular edge. Since the door had been installed upside down, you can see the square is doubled here from the previous install, it will have to be patched with wood filler later….oops.

Then the new hinges went onto the area that had been carved out.

And then the door went back on…

“It’s on wrong again. Dammit!”

And off came the door, AGAIN.

As I said, this is a story about determination. If it were me, I may have left the door on the way it was, wrong rectangles and all.

This time, the door was too tightly fit. The hand planer came out and some wood got shaved off the bottom of the door.

And up the door went again. And this time it fit.
So we started measuring for where the hole for the handle would go with this snazzy tool, the Ryobi Wood Door Lock Installation Kit.

And then cut the fitting for the latch with the Ryobi Door Latch Mortiser.

And after a Saturday spent tag-team painting both doors, here is the result!

I was going to hold off till the door knobs are put on, but I can’t wait any longer. The door on the right leads out from the master bedroom to the hallway. And the left door leads to the master bath.

*No we were not paid by Ryobi or Home Depot to post this. We obviously know them but they obviously do not know us. Although I wish they did. Anyone at the Depot reading this? Hello? We can test tools!



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  1. Ella / Oct 25 2010 11:23 am

    Wow, good job! I love the bathroom door, you’ll get more light in master bedroom. Still waiting for “big door” photos 🙂 and the step.

  2. Cara / Oct 25 2010 12:33 pm

    I love the doors!! Especially the bathroom! GO ARNOLDS!!! xoxo

  3. Daniel Kanter / Oct 25 2010 2:56 pm

    Good choices on the doors!! I want. those tools. All of them.

    For patching the mistakenly routered bits, you might think about using The Brick House’s trick– screw in those paint-stirring sticks and patch over those. Never done it, but I feel like it’s valuable knowledge.

    • mish / Oct 25 2010 3:10 pm

      Thanks Dan! If only we could all share tools through the blog world… I would let you borrow our tools any day. I remember seeing that paint stirring trick! Good call, totally forgot about that….

  4. Phil / Oct 25 2010 4:28 pm

    Exciting door saga! By now you’re probably on some secret target list at Home Depot and tool companies – look for unmarked vehicles and inconspicuous characters on the street around your house…

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