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November 8, 2010 / mish

the story about the sliding door. yes THAT door!

It was an exciting day when the huge Milgard truck pulled up to our driveway, and we were ready for him. Okay we had been peeking out the window every 10 minutes.

To our surprise, Milgard sends one driver out to deliver this huge door, one driver and that’s it. One driver and not even some fancy dolly contraption to help lift it. If I was home alone, there would have been no way to get that monster off the truck and into the house. Still somewhat baffled about how that works…
Back to the door…it had the wrong handles. We ordered brushed bronze, it came with white. And it wouldn’t close properly. After the door installer came over (we did not attempt this install ourselves and really glad we didn’t for exactly this reason) the door wouldn’t close properly. All the angles were level and there was nothing else he could do. It took all my strength to just push the doors together. Something was off and it was a manufacturer defect.

So we called Milgard and out they came again a few days later. In about 20 minutes all our problems had been solved. Phew. Now here is the good part:

Once installed, we had to take care of the interior gap between the wall and the door. We picked up two types of door molding at Home Depot to create a flushed seam between wall and door.

We measured the length and heights and then cut the moldings to size.

The tricky part was gluing the smaller trim behind the larger trim and making sure there was even spacing for the entire length.

This is a picture from the back, in addition to the wood glue – we put in some tiny nails for reinforcement.

Then we stuffed insulation in the gap between door and wall.

After painting all the molding with 2 coats of semi-gloss white, the nail gun came out and up went the molding.

Here M is applying wood filler to cover up the nail gun markings.

And there you have it! Door installed. We have been really impressed with how well the double glazed windows have helped in terms of temperature. (It really does work!). We recently had a heat wave in LA and it didn’t get nearly as hot as it used to in this room, even without ceiling fans the room stayed room temperature all day long. And now as we get into the winter months, we hope it will keep us warmer than last year.

And because the entire point is before and after. Here is a before…

…and the after!


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  1. ALittleBite / Nov 8 2010 11:14 pm

    I love how it’s turning out! And those handles look much better than the white ones, good choice.

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