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November 19, 2010 / mish


On a trip to IKEA in the beginning of the year, we ran into the Bergsbo and fell in love. It was the media cabinet of our future and we had our eyes on it. But of course, this month, when we were finally ready to purchase said media cabinet, it had disappeared. I mean poof, gone, not on, not on Ebay, not on Craigslist (except across the country), not within our reach. Yes, I even went so far as to call IKEA and speak to a lovely rep. who proceeded to tell me that yes, that product had been DISCONTINUED.

So we started the search all over again. After two trips to IKEA, we realized the BESTA could be put together to somewhat recreate the look of the Bergsbo that we had longed for, and perhaps even better than the previous version. The BESTA can be configured to different heights, widths, and different doors. And since we wanted an area that all our electronics could work with a remote, the glass doors worked perfectly. But we also have a bunch of other electronic unmentionables, like DVD’s, games, CD’s, and remotes that didn’t necessarily need to be viewed through a glass door. So, we split the difference and after a LOT of indecisiveness, we chose a 2×2 cabinet — glass doors on the top and solid doors on the bottom.

Unlike the Bergsbo, the BESTA doesn’t have predrilled holes for cables to run through — so we made our own. We also sliced the shelf a little bit in the back, so the cables could easily run vertically without pushing the shelf forward into the doors. And with the addition of a cable track (pictured in the corner below), the cables blend a little bit more into the cabinet.

During the renovation, M ran all the necessary speaker cables behind the walls and brought them through a hole in the wall next to the fireplace, so the cabinet had to be built in that corner. Yes, this was all part of the master (rumpus) plan.

The combination of parts that we ended up purchasing were:
Besta Shelf Unit x1
Best Vara Glass Doors x2
Besta Vara Solid Doors x2
Besta Push Latch x4
Glass Shelf x2

In the end, the Bergsbo would have been too large for the space anyway, and we are quite happy with the Besta. What do you think?



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  1. Lauren / Nov 19 2010 11:43 am

    Remotes work through glass!? Heh – I live & learn!

    Looks good – and fairly painless as far as Ikea creation goes?

    • mish / Nov 19 2010 5:54 pm

      It was fairly painless! Except for the part where I put the wrong door on our shopping list and we had to go back and exchange for the right one. But that was shopper error…

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