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December 8, 2010 / mish

Let there be light.

We’ve had these CB2 Whirly Hanging Candleholders since before we even started demolition on the den. I didn’t want the whole ‘woops that item is sold out’ thing to happen to me – AGAIN. So at $3.95 each, I splurged, bought five of them, and put them away in a bag in the back of the closet.

Once the den was complete, it took a little bit of persuading to get M to think drilling holes into the newly refinished ceiling was a good idea.

I still can’t believe he went for it….

We drew out our pattern on a piece of paper and then pierced through the paper with pencil to get the holes in the right places onto the ceiling. Then drilled five tiny holes, inserted ribbed plastic anchors into each hole, and then followed that with a small hook.

After putting up all five with fishing line, we realized we had made a very stupid error. The tea lights made the glass fairly hot and the heat source was directly below the fishing wire. Probably not the safest idea. My childhood hobby of jewelry making finally paid off and we grabbed some wire and crimp beads from my box of random craft stuff hidden in the office closet.

This was much better….


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