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February 8, 2011 / mish

Window Install Finale.

So our story left off with a hole in the bathroom window…

Our Milgard Tuscany series Window had finally arrived. We do want to eventually replace the other aluminum windows in the house, but this was our tester window- so we only ordered the one to start off with. You know, to make sure we could actually do it and to be certain this was the window we wanted. Which we came to learn that we misfired on ordering the right window glass. We had meant to go for the matte frosted look, but ended up with the semi textured glass that we had been trying to replace. Lesson learned. And that’s why we didn’t order ALL the windows at once and that’s why you don’t trust the sales people at home stores.


This Tuscany series window is a replacement window (versus new construction), which allowed us to leave the original aluminum frame intact and avoid any damage to the stucco siding.
We could have ordered a smaller sized window frame and fit it right on top of the old one, but we didn’t want to lose any light. In order to maximize the height and width of the replacement, Arn used the reciprocating saw to cut down the aluminum.

After applying caulk to the opening, the window fit right into the existing space. Then we fastened it with screws driven through the pre drilled screw holes on the insides of the window frame.

Then it was insulating time – with this nasty stuff. Do not get this on your clothes, it will not come off. That shirt I was wearing that day is in the trash. Do not get it on your hands, Arn got it on his palm and it didn’t come off for days. Next time, we are using the pink stuff.

This is pre-caulking and trim.

We were hesitant about the trim portion of this project and juggled a few ideas around involving painted strips of wood or shoe molding. But in the end we went with this flat vinyl sticky back trim that you can custom cut to size. The wood would have looked nice, but it would have decreased the thickness of the window sill even more (and secretly I needed some space for my unnecessary bathroom decorations.)

One window down…seven more to go.

**revision: I dug up some old photos just for comparison. Here is a fab corner shot of when we first toured the house, fluffy flower window valance and all.

And another shot of the window, after our big master bath remodel.



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  1. Mom / Feb 10 2011 6:44 pm

    Great job as usual! I love it.

  2. Cherie / Feb 13 2011 1:23 am

    Love the window, Mich. But really, I want to know why you got rid of the fluffy valance. And the plastic looking shelves. And that doll??! Really, I wanna know what happened to the doll.

    • mish / Feb 13 2011 11:57 pm

      I know. We did argue a little about taking the valance down;) Unfortunately, the doll was gone when we got the house. The picture was during one of our walk through’s…I should have asked for it with the purchase of the house.

      • Jenn Louie / Feb 16 2011 1:48 pm

        Haha! I would have negotiated the doll, 2 cans of air spray and that money jar…what happened to them? Tell ’em you thought it came with the house…I guess its 2 years too late. Don’t worry, I can get you them for a housewarming gift, when I FINALLY come down to visit!

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