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February 15, 2011 / mish

project 2011 has begun.

The Kitchen/Pantry/Laundry Room project has been a back and forth discussion since the moment we bought the house.

In the beginning, we thought we would just minimally upgrade the rooms (just repaint and add some new hardware). But as the house evolved in other rooms, so did our ideas about the kitchen. We researched cabinets for months, ordered samples, redesigned the area to try to figure out the most efficient way for the kitchen to work.

(This picture is from the MLS listing – before we even moved in)

But then one day while cooking, we started discussing all the good things about our already functional little space. And then we were right back at the first plan. Lots of factors went into this decision of course but to skip to the good part…

It has now begun…

The basic plan is to:
Paint all the cabinets and walls
Add new hardware
Install new floors (thinking about rectangular dark grey in a brick pattern…)
Have new countertops put in (thinking light grey)
Purchase new appliances (fridge, dishwasher, stove, sink, extractor fan )
Leave the existing double oven
Replace light fixtures, move the fixture (where the current fan is) to be across from the other fixture
Install backsplash
Add cabinetry and countertop to create a breakfast bar (where the round table is to the left of the fridge)
Replace window above the sink

And I am sure a million other little things that I am not thinking of.

Anyways, cabinet painting began in the laundry room this week – officially kicking off the big project of 2011.



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  1. Mom / Feb 17 2011 7:00 pm

    I am looking forward to see your progress!

    Love XOXOXO…

  2. erin / Mar 1 2011 6:00 pm

    where are all the updates on this so-called project 2011?! the troops are getting restless 🙂

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