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March 17, 2011 / mish

project 2011 update

Things have been moving along slowly with project 2011, here’s the update…

– We are planning on installing a countertop/breakfast bar in the empty space next to the fridge. More prep area and more space to eat. But there was no outlet to plug in the coffee machine, toaster, mixer, or anything else you might need while cooking. So we added an outlet to above where the imaginary countertop will be.

– Bye bye can-o-lectric. Hello, another outlet. Still need to remove that metal motor portion in the countertop, but can’t do that till we get the new counter installed.

– The humongous oversized fan has been removed, and Arn redid the wiring so that both future light fixtures will be in sync with one another. Think more Fado…I think we bought IKEA because they had the Last Chance sticker on them, and we got worried. Did I mention Arn broke one with his head while standing on a ladder?

– And finally, one side of the cabinets have been finished in the laundry room, and the pantry side has been started. We replaced the old hinges that had been covered with years of paint with new ones, and bought new handles that match the ones we have in the hallway. I know we could have boiled down the existing hinges, but it wasn’t worth our while. They were silver colored underneath all that paint, and nothing historical about them whatsoever.

So there you have it. The update. Not too exciting but it’s always the prep that’s the most boring.

On a more exciting note, we have been researching appliances…


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