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March 25, 2011 / mish

painted and in progress… laundry/pantry room

It’s been a busy few days here filled with prepping and sanding and washing and painting. The before and after might not look like much to you right now, but all in good time …

We had a good three days of free time and went to work painting the cabinets in the laundry/pantry room. The old painted over hinges were removed and replaced with new brushed bronze ones. The handles were replaced with the same ones we used in the hallway – Ikea Metrik. Fortunately, we purchased extra during the hallway renovation, as of right now they are no longer available at Ikea. For the shelving in the pantry, we replaced the old wood with some white mdf that home depot cut down for us to size. And which we proceeded to cut down once we got home, since hd got the measurements wrong by an eighth of an inch. Yes mr. cutter man, the eighth makes a difference. We thought about keeping the old wood, but the mdf is easier to maintain and wipe down if something sticky spills inside.

Future projects for this room:
-paint the door
-install new floor
-install a cabinet and worktop next to the laundry machines (where the basket currently is, to house laundry)


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