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April 20, 2011 / mish

Kitchen cabinets…prep and sand.

Maybe ripping out the whole kitchen would have actually been easier…

Painting is boring. Prepping is even worse.

We’ve stocked up on Trader Joe’s ready meals to prepare for the lack of clean available kitchen space. We are ready to go. But it’s taking FOREVER.

To begin, we have taken down the cabinet doors, removed the old hinges, and installed the shiny new hidden ones. They are kind of bulky on the inside, but it makes the kitchen look so much cleaner on the outside. The prep is tedious, those pesky old hinges leave quite a mark, so filling the holes and sanding them down has been time consuming. The same thing has to be done for the handles, as the new ones are wider than the existing old ones. A little wood filler, some joint compound, and a lot of sanding has done the trick though.

We’ve divided the kitchen into four imaginary parts, and are tackling section two right now. Otherwise, we get slap happy (lazy) with the paint and the results aren’t pretty. So we decided to take our time, section by section.

And here are the new handles we will be installing on the drawers and doors…Ikea Tyda. We’ve already stocked up on all 21 handles, just in case Ikea decides to discontinue them. Now hopefully they look good …


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