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July 10, 2011 / mish

A Kitchen Remodel…almost.

I have been dragging my feet to post this one, since it’s not really completely finished. But since Ikea’s Numerar butcher block countertop is out of stock for “6-7” weeks (and that’s the same answer we got a month ago), I am not sure when we truly will be done. So here’s the update.

When we bought this house, this was the kitchen when we moved in. It’s a true before photo, except without the huge table in the corner. The seller’s took that with them. Oh shucks.

Then over the next two years as we were remodeling the rest of the house, it slowly got our touches, and a paint job. Here was our grand scheme kitchen plan:

We started the kitchen renovation by working on the refrigerator cabinet enclosure. We had to enlarge it a few inches to the right to allow more space for a new fancy fridge. In the process, we got rid of the cabinet and added a little open storage.

We also took down all the cabinets and drawers, sanded, painted them, replaced the outside hinges for hidden ones, and replaced the handles with IKEA Tyda Handles in stainless steel.

The range hood was the most difficult of all the kitchen projects. The space had to be reconfigured for the different size and the weight of removing the old one required a super heavyweight body building champion. Not the two of us.

We thought about ripping out all the cabinets and starting from scratch. But after going back and forth about the idea, we decided we liked the layout of our current kitchen and everything it had to offer. It just needed some new appliances, paint, and a lot of love. We also agreed that by ripping out the entire thing, we probably would never make that money back in the long run based on our neighborhood price range.

View to Hallway:

View to Laundry Room:

(Future) breakfast bar:
This still needs some work. The numerar countertop in oak has been “temporarily oversold” and we are waiting for the magical day that it reappears. These cabinets are from Ikea, we created an open cabinet for the microwave and cut the back of it for a custom fit. The whole kitchen will also be fitted with white toe kicks.
The breakfast bar stools were a score from our local Home Goods. Sadly, there were only two of them and I contemplated returning them, as three seemed to make more sense. But then we decided to slip the microwave into the mix, and now the recessed cabinets are a perfect fit for a little eating area.
The open shelves are made from two custom cut pieces of oak bought at Home Depot and the brackets are good ‘ol Ikea. Yes, I spent a good couple hours “styling” the shelves. And enjoyed every minute of it. We will be coating them with tung oil, as well as the countertops, so both will match.

So it’s not completely done, but there is the update. And we have cooked quite a bit in it and are loving all the new workspace. It actually feels bigger too. Not to mention our new loves, the refrigerator and dishwasher.

Things to still do:
install wood countertops on fridge side of kitchen
install countertops on stove side of kitchen
install new stove
install new sink and faucet
install backsplash
install toe kicks
stain shelves and wood countertop with tung oil

Source list:
Refrigerator – Samsung 23.0 cu. ft. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (Model RFG237AA)
Dishwasher – Samsung 24″ Tall Tub Built In Stainless Steel (Model DMT400RHS/XAA)
Range Hood – Maytag 36 in. Convertible Range Hood in Stainless Steel (Model UXT5536AAS)
Microwave – Panasonic Prestige 1.2 cu ft. Microwave Oven (NN-SD688S)
Handles – Ikea Tyda, Stainless Steel
Paint – Glidden Misty Moonstone (Wall) & Benjamin Moor Aura White Semi-Gloss (Cabinets)
Light Fixtures – Ikea Fado
Cabinet for Microwave – Ikea Akurum Base Cabinet
Cabinets for Breakfast Bar – Ikea Akurum Base Cabinets with Rubrik White/Aluminum Door Fronts
Floor – Everstone, Durastone Porcelain Tile, Steel Grey, Matt Finish, 12×24 in.



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  1. vanessa / Jul 12 2011 1:22 pm

    I really like the fridge surround, it looks great. Also the little microwave area is adorable

  2. mish / Jul 14 2011 12:24 am

    Thanks Vanessa! We hope to follow your advice on doing the countertops soon- hopefully they get them in stock soon!

  3. jen / Aug 10 2011 9:26 am

    It looks great! Amazing what a little paint can accomplish, right? Well, paint and new flooring, new appliances, new lighting, new countertops, new hardware… : )

    We just bought our cabinets at IKEA and will get to work putting that all back together. I think I miss having a kitchen the most.

    We’re doing a whole house renovation & blogging it as well if you want to stop by! 🙂

    • mish / Aug 10 2011 11:13 am

      Thanks Jen! I will take a look at your renovations- Thanks for checking ours out! Good luck with your IKEA cabinets!!


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