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August 28, 2011 / mish

Oh how does our garden grow…

I went out into the yard this morning with the purpose of taking some photos to update the blog, but what I hadn’t realized until I loaded the photos, is how different the yard actually does look. I guess when you see it everyday, you just don’t notice the difference. But seeing the photos from the past couple seasons has really surprised us as to how much our garden really has grown…

Landscaping is something I realized I just don’t have a knack for. I always thought it would be similar to doing the inside of the house: move this here, that looks good over there, knock out this wall here…But for me, I have found landscaping to be one of the most difficult tasks. It’s much more difficult than I thought to pair up the right plants, and to choose the right ones that will grow in it’s environment. Even to find one’s we like has proven difficult.
I have a new found respect for landscape artists.
Oh how does your garden grow? Nice and slow it seems. Only took 3 years to get it to start looking presentable. Well, at least we think it is…



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  1. Nelly / Aug 29 2011 8:32 pm

    It looks unbelievable beautiful like it was there for years.
    I know it’s not too easy to take care of it but not from my own experience but just looking how Ded is working there, in the garden.
    Good but difficult for you.

  2. Lauren / Sep 4 2011 11:59 am

    Wow!!!! Looks great. All the different palm-things look fantastic – very lush.

    • mish / Sep 7 2011 11:22 am

      haha- that’s what I call them too- palm things.

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