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November 10, 2011 / mish

Man Cave, aka The Shed

I don’t really even know where to begin with this post, as I had nothing to do with any of this.

I knew the next house project was a shed, and that there were some sketches and plans underway, but I didn’t partake in the how and when, and one day I came home to this:

And the next day it was this:

And in less than 1 week it was this:

Unfortunately, this is a fully paint by picture post- I am sure if Michael sat down – he could say what cuts he made and what pieces he used – but in all honesty, he never actually made full on plans. He is kind of a self educated, construction rain man of sorts. (Don’t take offense to that Arn, I think you’re a genius). And he doesn’t read these posts anyways.

All I can contribute is that the wood is Redwood.

Okay I lied, I did contribute one thing to this project – my favorite part, the inside, in which I could organize to my heart’s content. Now, we happily and very luckily do not have a storage problem at our house, but the garage is only a single, and it’s filled to the brim with all our diy tools, paints, bikes, etc. So having a space dedicated to gardening is pretty key. Especially since Michael is our personal gardener.

Sorry for the massive delay in this post, we both have been so busy. The shed was finished in August!



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  1. Ainhoa / Nov 10 2011 11:37 pm

    I love the wood you chose, it’s gorgeous! And the design of the shed is great, very modern. Great job!

  2. Beth / Nov 11 2011 6:51 am

    NICE! And your landscaping looks great too.

  3. vanessa / Jan 16 2012 9:28 am

    This is beautiful! We are thinking about building a shed, but it won’t be as pretty as yours. I’m passing this onto my husband.

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