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April 18, 2012 / mish

a pretty big update.

To talk about what we’ve been up to, I suppose I need to let this cat out of the bag…

3 11 12 26 weeks  4  Version 2

We have been busy over the past few months changing the guest bedroom into a nursery for the baby girl we are expecting on June 15th!

Here is the guest bedroom that has now been turned into the baby’s room.  It has welcomed many friends and family visitors – and the bed has now been moved into the office (lots of changes in there as well).  So visitors are still welcome!

For kicks, here is a side by side before and after.  On the top is the room when we bought the house in October 2009.  And on the bottom is the renovation we did to it in 2010.



IMG 1510


And here we are in 2012-  a sneak peek of the nursery!

DSC 0408

More coming about the nursery details!


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  1. erin / Jun 5 2012 2:39 pm

    you are SO lovely! can’t wait to see more details. please tell me more about the mobile…

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