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before and after

*Everything is a work in progress.

Front Living Room: We are still working on this room, but you can read about the beginnings of the transformations HERE.

Bedroom 1: The Office: We talked about this room HERE.

Bedroom 2: The Guest Bedroom: This room we talked about HERE & HERE.

Guest Bathroom: We talked about this little upgrade HERE.

Hallway to the Kitchen and Master Bedroom: This project was described HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Kitchen: we dream of grey floors, white cabinets, and a fridge that isn’t yellow…

Laundry Room: go HERE to read about this renovation.

Hallway to Master Bedroom and Bath: part of the hallway project listed above. But you can go HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The Rumpus Room, a.k.a. The Den…go to Rumpus Room under categories to find all the posts about this room. The reveal is HERE.

Master Bedroom: We are finally sleeping in this room! Yeay! HERE is how we made it into the Master.

Master Bathroom: Our first full demo project can be seen HERE. And the final reveal is HERE.

Patio Area: We tried to hang on to the hot tub, but it didn’t work out…read about that HERE and how we came to have a sectional HERE.

The house is shaped like a horseshoe, and the master bedroom and rumpus room meet in the backyard. HERE is how we built our outdoor table.


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  1. Jenn Louie / Feb 16 2011 1:42 pm

    OMG! you guys are truly a great team, when I get a house, I will hire you both to do all the design work!! You should start a business!!!! LOVE YOU! ~Jenn

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